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I’m not one to take many photos of myself, let alone a full photo shoot, but Joanna helped take my graduation photos and they turned out great. I felt a little awkward at first because it’s something I’ve never done, but she made me feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. She’s creative and stops at nothing to get the best angles and photos. She’s honestly a joy to be around, and she made taking photos a fun experience. She has my highest recommendation, and I would love to have another shoot with her!

- Christine Y.


I had an excellent experience working with Joanna when she did my professional headshots, as well as fall and winter portraits. She is incredibly talented and made me feel very comfortable as her subject. She also did a great job editing the photos and got them back to me within a few days. I highly recommend Joanna for any portrait photography needs!

- Sharfa H.

Joanna did my graduation photos and at the time I was having some issues with my weight. She was really able to capture photos of me that I felt comfortable with but also accentuate certain attributes that made me look more beautiful and confident even if I wasn't feeling it at the time. She really cares about how other people are feeling during a shoot and what they want as a final result! Even if you don't exactly have a clear picture as to what you want the photo to look like, she is able to come up with ideas and actually implement them and give you many options that suites your style and needs. She is able to see the image in her head and is really able to capture the moments with great precision and detail! She is also very meticulous with her work and very versatile in her style and work. So, she can really cater to any specific needs you might have! Honestly, I have had many photo shoots before and she was one of the best! I really recommend her for all your photography needs such as graduation, birthday parties, etc.

- Yuna J.

Yuna J. Graduation Shoot
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